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Eifers Concrete. Fast Concrete Solutions. Seven-day strength requirements are achieved in just five hours. Time Sensitive Pours. Minimise disruption with Rapid Set Concrete and on-site production. High Consistency Concrete Provision. Our world class machinery eliminates the causes of inconsistency in concrete.

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Antoun - Civil Engineering, Concrete Delivery, Infrastructure. Excellence. through. innovation. We pioneer mission critical project delivery. Because the difference between doing a job. and doing a job well can be a fortune, or even your reputation. Learn More >.

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Our volumetric concrete mixers can be truck, trailer, or stationary skid mounted for any application. Zimmerman Industries, Inc. manufactures volumetric mixers to supply all types of concrete, including: latex modified concrete, Rapid Set Concrete, Shotcrete, and Gunite.

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Evaluation of Rapid Setting Cement-Based Materials for Patching and Repair Amit Barde Graduate Research Assistant 2.6.2 Volumetric Stability, Residual Stresses, and Debonding.17 Concrete Specimen by Sending a Laser Light Beam that Is

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Rapid Set concrete is an extremely fast-acting concrete that obtains 28-day strength in just a few hours. Because of its fast reaction time, the tool of choice is a volumetric truck. Rapid Set concrete is not a temporary patch. It is a durable product that is warranted for up to 80 years.

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Volume Concrete LLC., delivers Rapid Set® Concreteand Rapid Set® Flowable Fill CDF (CLSM)in volumetric amounts mixed on-site. Traffic Ready in 1 hour @ 3,000psi, with 4,000psi after 4 hours, and exceeding 6,000psi after 7 days. Rapid Set® from Volume Concrete has many purposes: new and repair of pavements, formed work, footings, posts, industrials industrial environments, machine bases and …

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Dec 12, 2018 · Volumetric Concrete Australia and their partners using the CTS Rapid Set Concrete Technology carried it off spectacularly, under budget and in …

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Jan 13, About Towable Concrete Mixers. Towable concrete mixers are small, portable mixers set on a base with wheels and a hitch that facilitate towing them from one jobsite or location to another. Holcombe HM10H Volumetric Concrete Mixer, 2020 Model, SN CV0302AM-H One button operation electric over hydraulic mixer controls Patented modular

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For larger jobs, Rapid Set® Cement mixtures may be batched using conventional ready mix or volumetric mixer equipment. Many state and local municipalities throughout the US specify Rapid Set® Cement in their concrete mix designs when speed and durability are important. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: ASTM C109 (Mod.) Compressive Strength, psi.

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The concrete produced by concrete mixer trucks is stronger than concrete mixed by hand. This means concrete delivered on a volumetric concrete delivery truck has to be less thick when applied, reducing the overall cost of concrete production. Not only that, but concrete containing higher strength allows for greater flexibility during application.

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Volumetric Mobile Mixers Concrete Strategies fleet of Volumetric Mobile Mixers, is used to batch specialty and high performance concrete mix designs on demand, on site. Our Volumetric Mobile Mixers can be used to batch concrete on new construction projects, but our fleet is primarily utilized to batch concrete on concrete restoration projects. The specialty and high

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Jul 13, 2020 · Looking for the Standard Specification for the ASTM 1600 Rapid Hardening Hydraulic Cement? Pursuant to License Agreement, no further reproductions are allowed, but as a customer of Volume Concrete LLC., we don't mind sharing the document via a short term loan to comply with the ASTM International.. This ASTM 1600 document covers our product Rapid Set® Concrete.

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While we specialize in rapid strength concrete delivery, we are also very skilled at creating a diverse range of custom concrete mix designs. We offer radio dispatch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . With our fleet of GPS-equipped volumetric concrete mixer trucks, unmatched customer service, and first-rate concrete products, we are Southern

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Mar 12, 2020 · Since volumetric mixers easily work with fast setting concrete powders, such as Rapid Set and FasTrac, your crew begins and finishes these repairs in significantly less time. Less traffic impediment means less safety risk to workers and …

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A Guide to Rapid-set Concrete. At Total Concrete, we supply a wide range of specialty concrete mixes to suit any construction application. Specialty mixes are designed to suit specific project requirements. For some building applications, it might be necessary to use a concrete mix which hardens more quickly than standard ready mix concrete.This type of concrete is called rapid-set concrete

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Rapid Set cement is a non-proprietary belitic calcium sulfoaluminate cement that reaches opening strength (400 psi flex) in 1.5 hours. It is very low shrinkage and is resistant to sulfate attack and alkali-silica reaction (ASR). Rapid Set cement can be used in a volumetric mixer or ready mixer. For a few projects, the 4×4 Concrete System was used.

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Nov 21, 2018 · The concrete was made in volumetric mixers and pumped to simulate the onsite set-up. The dress rehearsal paid off. Real-life closures were limited to 100 hours during which 25 feet to 30 feet of the bridge on either side of each hinge was demolished; formwork and prefabricated reinforcing steel cages positioned; and 130 cubic yards of Rapid Set